AABG 2DOX Generation Next

      C S B MAXIMUM IMPACT **ENNOBLED** 6/2012 (10469836)
      AABG 2DOX PERFECT POTION (10469914)
  Sire: AABG CCF2 THE HEAT IS ON (10628370)
      AABG KICKIN' BRASS **ENNOBLED** 11/2009 (10406942)
    AABG 2DOX HOW YA LIKE ME NOW (10499944)
      TH 5145 (10281696)
Animal: AABG 2DOX GENERATION NEXT (10675560)
      D C W -BO JANGLE **ENNOBLED** 3/2008 (10306381) National Champion 2006
    BSA BO-BEAST **ENNOBLED** 2/2013 (10494094)
      RRD CROWN JEWEL V966 **ENNOBLED** 4/2011 (10360244)
  Dam: BSA JINGLE ALL THE WAY (10594584)
      RRD R898 CANNON **ENNOBLED** 6/2006 (10211111)
    EGGS W319 **ENNOBLED** 12/2014 (10379839)

If you are needing to add power and muscle to your full blood program take a serious look at this young buck. Sometimes you gotta go shopping when you are looking to take your herd to the next level. A few years ago we purchased BSA Jingle All They Way from A-Bar Boer Goats, Mays, in Texas. She was the high selling doe in the Platinum Alliance sale. Her flushmate sister, BSA Pass The Crown, was the high selling doe at $22,000 in the A-Bar Dispersal in May 2015. We have had numerous ET kids and a natural set of triplet doe kids out of Jingle and all are of superb quality. If you happened to watch the A-Bar Dispersal you will also recall all of Pass The Crown's ET kids sold quite well and have been winning in the show ring as well. We think this guy has a lot to offer with his moderate frame, product packed stature, and beautiful Boer traits. Just a well rounded individual that can introduce you to the generation "NEXT." His bite is perfect, pigment is black and teats are 2 + 2 clean and well separated.

Located at Gary and Sandy's farm
Semen $75.00/straw
Call 765-366-6000 or 765-714-4512


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