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If you are one of those who in the past have not been afforded the luxury of using a straight Kelly bred, heavily Ibex influenced, double bred 900 buck due to the high cost of purchasing one of these animals or the “limited terms of use” that accompanied many of them.  Then here is your chance to add a dose of the real thing to your own flock.   If you need to add a tight hide, a flat smooth chest, a large flat loin with a near perfect hip loin junction, massive bone, bulging rock hard muscle, and leg hair like a Scottish Highlander bull to your show wether goat program, then Blindside is the one for you. Coltin and Katharine Black reported to me that the first set of Blindside wether kids to sell at public auction averaged over $4000 per head in the 2011 Kelly spring sale. What he has done for us at Able Acres is nothing short of remarkable, considering the limited number of kids we have produced to date. 
We restricted the use of Blindside to co-owners only this past year and have only just now decided to for the first time offer a limited amount of Blindsides’ semen to the public. Please note Blindside progeny cannot be registered with ABGA or IBGA as he is a multiple breed composite meat goat sire.


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