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AABG CCF2 The Heat Is On

      C S B RUGER RELOADED **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10405280)
    C S B MAXIMUM IMPACT **ENNOBLED** 6/2012 (10469836)
      RRD SMOKIN HOT **ENNOBLED** 9/2010 (10378775)
  Sire: AABG 2DOX DEADLIEST CATCH (10562778)
      AABG STATUS QUO **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10423489)
      AABG 2DOX PERFECT POSE (10423492)
Animal: AABG CCF2 THE HEAT IS ON (10628370)
      TLB T333 "RIPPER" **ENNOBLED** 2/2008 (10276652)
    AABG KICKIN' BRASS **ENNOBLED** 11/2009 (10406942)
      ASH CREEK BARBIE BRASS **ENNOBLED** 12/2009 (10245998)
  Dam: AABG 2DOX HOW YA LIKE ME NOW (10499944)
      TH S4263 (10224059)
    TH 5145 (10281696)
      TH P2044 (10152215)

Semen $75/straw
Flush Fee $1000

It should be no surprise that this Deadliest Catch son is producing some flat out great ones! He himself is tight hided, packed in the rack and big butted. His kids are very clean and extended through the front end, wide chested and wide behind. We are anxious to get his first kids in the show ring. We will be offering a few in our 2015 sale line ups as well!

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