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BDK2 AABG Own The Throne

      TH V6232 (10337372)
    2DOX ROYAL FLUSH **ENNOBLED** 6/2013 (10485009)
      2DOX CONFECTION (10450626)
  Sire: AABG AS GOOD AS IT GETS **ENNOBLED** 8/2014 (10562055)
      SWE MAIN EVENT **ENNOBLED** 3/2009 (10354302)
    2DOX MAIN SQUEEZE (10413837)
      FSE 3208 NAMA (10205426)
Animal: BDK2 AABG OWN THE THRONE (10628406)
      C S B RUGER RELOADED **ENNOBLED** 3/2010 (10405280)
    C S B MAXIMUM IMPACT **ENNOBLED** 6/2012 (10469836)
      RRD SMOKIN HOT **ENNOBLED** 9/2010 (10378775)
  Dam: BDK2 AABG SHEZA SHOTTA LA (10562054)
      AABG KICKIN' BRASS **ENNOBLED** 11/2009 (10406942)
    BDK2 AABG IMA OOH LA LA (10459310)
      AABG OOO LA LA R1 **ENNOBLED** 5/2009 (10181921)

Semen $100/straw

With 15 years of genetics packing into our program at Able Acres we feel like this guy has successfully handed out the goods. Without a doubt, Throne is one of the thickest sons of ***Ennobled*** As Good As It Gets. Just like his daddy, he is consistently producing good ones. His kids are easy on the eye as son as they hit the ground. We feel he is out producing his sire in a few very important ways. He is producing kids that are wider sprung through the chest, much more rib shape and lots of butt! Can't believe how COMPLETE some of these kids are at just three months of age. Throne is moderate framed, big boned and massive from end to end but he is throwing kids with some neck now! For those of you with a club calf background you would love this look! FLUFF---FLAIR---and LOOKS to KILL!

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