Owned by :  Able Acres, Nathan Duncan and Bosque Valley Boers
    RRD Gauge P529 **Ennobled**
  JRA1 Agnew's Collateral Damage **Ennobled**
    ABF Dottie **Ennobled**
Sire: 2DOX CD's Salute
    RRD Gunsmoke P502 **Ennobled**
  2DOX Go Girl **Ennobled**
    2DOX Godiva **Ennobled**
AABG Status Quo *Ennobled* - Born: 03/02/08
    TH S4244 High Class
  TLB T333 Ripper **Ennobled**
    TLB S299
Dam : AABG Rippin Brass
    TYALS Topbrass *Ennobled 2001*
  Ash Creek Barbie Brass
    Powell/Holman 2SIS 300R **Ennobled**

Status Quo, the 2009 Fort Worth Stock Show Overall Grand Champion is the most powerful made buck ever to stand stud at Able Acres. This powerful young buck hit the ground with that special look. A look like no other! He blows you away both coming and going, and at the same time has a striking long arched neck topped off with a very attractive neat well formed head. If you are looking for a buck that can put you two steps ahead of the competition look no further, Status Quo is the one !


Dam: AABG Rippin Brass

Sire: 2DOX CD's Salute

Able Acres Boer Goats

Nathan & Lary Duncan
Lary: (615)-957-9163
1264 N. Mountain Rd
Wingate, IN 47994
Goats located 1 mile
West of Wingate, IN
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Gary & Sandy Duncan
Gary: (765)-366-6000
Sandy: (765)-714-4551
2095 West 650 N
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

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