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ABGA #10704393

This magnificent creature truly measures all aspects of a mature stud buck.  Meat, muscle, style, power and performance are found here, all in one package.  If you are looking for a buck that will put these five important components to the meat goat industry back into your herd you might want to try this guy.  We are impressed with his first kid crop.  He has thrown paints.  His doe kids are extremely long bodied, level and elegant.  His buck kids are wide based, moderate framed, and thick!  True Measure himself is 1 + 1 teated and his kids are as well! 

We would not recommend using him on small framed does, especially if they are first time kidders.  A few of his buck kids have been very wide chested and big boned.

Semen is available $75.00/straw.



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