Ash Creek Bright Star *Ennobled*

    Sasquatch *Ennobled*
  EGGStreme *Ennobled*
Sire: EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*
    Sasquatch *Ennobled*
  EGGSellent *Ennobled*
Ash Creek Bright Star *Ennobled* - Born: 1/7/03 
    Vorster 157BDE1
  Mojo Magic *Ennobled*
    Nico Botha 776/600
Dam : Ash Creek Bright Eyes *Ennobled*
    LSBG-SA-G49 (Nat. Reserve Champion)
  RMR-SA-Kitty *Ennobled*

Show Record:

Ash Creek Bright Star was the 2006 IBGA National Grand Champion Doe.
She was also paired with PAR5 Leilani to win 2006 ABGA National Champion Pair of Sr. Does

Will be flushed to
TLB Ripper T333
2005 IBGA
National Champion Buck

Sire: EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*

Dam: Ash Creek Bright Eyes *Ennobled*

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