KSR Highfalutin T316

    FSE Jiim-0057 *Ennobled* 
  NK Flash *Ennobled*
    NK Kami
Sire: NK Young Gun 
    Oscar *Ennobled*
(National Champion)   
  NK L194 
KSR Highfalutin T316 - Born: 4/8/05 
    Givinitago Michael Jordan
  Givinitago Muscan 
    Givinitago Lacey J
Dam : NK N285
    Oscar *Ennobled*
(National Champion)
  SLG L45

This is an ultra-extreme doe that we are excited to have been able to purchase as our choice of the 2005 does at Silvergate Farms. This doe can really crank her neck up and has a stunning profile. She had 2 bucks and a doe kid by Hammer Time.

KSR Highfalutin T316

Able Acres Boer Goats

Nathan & Lary Duncan
Lary: (615)-957-9163
1264 N. Mountain Rd
Wingate, IN 47994
Goats located 1 mile
West of Wingate, IN
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Gary & Sandy Duncan
Gary: (765)-366-6000
Sandy: (765)-714-4551
2095 West 650 N
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

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