AABG Rippin Brass
    TLB R269 Class Act
  TH S4244 High Class
    TH R3001
Sire: TLB T333 Ripper  **Ennobled**
    Powell/Holman Mr. Majestick
  TLB S299
    Powell/Holman 26R
AABG Rippin Brass - Born: 9/18/06  
    EGGS Ryals Magnum **Ennobled**
  Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled 2001*
    RRD Nikita J34
Dam : Ash Creek Barbie Brass
    Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled*
  Powell/Holman 2SIS 300R **Ennobled**
    Powell/Holman Lonesome Dove **Ennobled**

Here is the first remarkable creation from the mating of Ash Creek Barbie Brass and **Ennobled TLB T333 Ripper. Just like her younger brother and sisters, she is perfectly sound on the feet and legs, balanced, smooth, elegant and always has that natural presence of style about her. We put this doe into production at an early age and she has raised us our biggest, stoutest, longest buck kid of our 2008 kid crop sired by CD's Salute. Rippin Brass is a full sister to our multi-champion show buck and herd sire, Kickin' Brass and our recently named junior champion doe, C'mon Barbie Let's Go Party.

C'mon Barbie Let's Go Party
(Full Sister)

Rippin' Brass
(Full Brother)

Barbie Brass

Kickin' Brass
(Full Brother)

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