2DOX Sheer Elegance

    Vorster 157BDE1
  Mojo Magic *Ennobled*
    Nico Botha 776/600
Sire: JLF Rambo *Ennobled* 
    Kaptein *Ennobled*  
  Frances *Ennobled* 
    TX630828 Frances
2DOX Sheer Elegance *Ennobled* - Born: 2/6/04 
  SEBG Nico Botha Wheels 
    KARER 112
Dam : NK Naomi
    SA Stud #994-365
  CODI/PCI 96164022
    SA Stud #994-77

Owned with Pair-A-Docs Boer Goats
There are certain characteristics in all species that are passed down. Strong traits survive. 2DOX Sheer Elegance is a striking female that, no doubt, resembles the grandeur of her sire JLF Rambo *ennobled*. The Farmer Stock Exchange genetics are extensive in the Pair-A-Docs and Able Acres Boer goats. You will find MoJo Magic *Ennobled* in many of our foundation female pedigrees. This doe has one of those mesmerizing dark red heads that will captivate you. She has passed on this strong trait successfully. Sheer Elegance has reached her ennoblement with the help of her first four kids. She is the dam of the 2006 ABGA National Champion Pair of Fullblood Doe Kids, 2DOX/AABG Sheer Indulgence and 2DOX/AABG Understated Elegance. These twin does, sired by RRD Guage *Ennobled*, have won numerous championships. We are delighted to own this doe in partnership with Dr. Robert Dressler. She is one of our top donor does.
Sheer Elegance and RRD Canon  had 5 does and 3 bucks in December !!!!!!

Show Record:

1st in Class; 2004 IN Wether Series #1

2DOX Sheer Elegance 2006 ABGA National Champion
Pair of Fullblood Doe Kids

2DOX Sheer Elegance

2DOX Sheer Elegance

Flushed 20 embryos by
RRD Gauge *Ennobled*

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