2DOX/AABG Strike a Pose

    RRD Remington *Ennobled*
  RRD Gauge P529 *Ennobled*
    RRD MS M27 *Ennobled*
Sire: Collateral Damage *Ennobled* 
    EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*  
  ABF Dottie *Ennobled* 
    ABF M29 Spot *Ennobled*
2DOX/AABG Strike a Pose  - Born: 6/14/05 
    HMR Sumo *Ennobled*
  FSE 9122 Blue Chip *Ennobled* 
    JLF Amelo Precious Perfect *Ennobled*
Dam : 2DOX Diva
    HMR Sumo *Ennobled* 
  2DOX Godiva (2004 ABGA Nat. Res. Champion) 
    JLF GoGo

Owned with Pair-A-Docs Boer Goats.
A breeder's delight here! It took genetic compilation, investment, patience and planning
to come up with this fine creation. She is "Tailormade"!

Show Record:

Overall Grand Champion: 2005 North American (NAILE)
Jr. Champion Doe: 2005 North American (NAILE)
Overall Res. Champion: 2006 IN Boer Goat Classic #1
Jr. Champion Doe: 2006 IN Boer Goat Classic #1
Overall Res. Champion: 2006 IN Boer Goat Classic #2
Reserve Jr. Champion: 2006 IN Boer Goat Classic #2

2DOX/AABG Strike A Pose
2005 North American Grand Champion Doe

2DOX/AABG Strike A Pose at 1 day old

Bred to AABG/LOID Vindicator

Sire: JRA1 Agnew's Collateral Damage

Dam: 2DOX Diva

Able Acres Boer Goats

Nathan & Lary Duncan
Lary: (615)-957-9163
1264 N. Mountain Rd
Wingate, IN 47994
Goats located 1 mile
West of Wingate, IN
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Gary & Sandy Duncan
Gary: (765)-366-6000
Sandy: (765)-714-4551
2095 West 650 N
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

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