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Brood Does 2DOX/AABG Strike A Pose
2DOX Sheer Elegance *Ennobled*
Ash Creek Lannie
RA Miss Raggedy Ann
AABG Jewel *Ennobled*
WMC AABG Twice As Nice
KSR Highfalutin T316
EGGS R014 "Cybele"
FHF Mo-Rhythm
PAR5 Catrina
PAR5 Starman's Hollywood
FHF Jada

2DOX Kristian Dior
2DOX Diva
AABG La's Femme Fatale

T4 Chocolat
Ash Creek Bright Star
AABG Envy Me
AABG/LOID Keepsake
PAR5 Leilani
AABG/2DOX Shape of My Heart
T4 Priceless
2DOX Sex Appeal
AABG NBD Money Maker
2DOX Splash Dance
BDF V6013
BBO Sweet Georgia Brown
PAR5 Tammie
AABG/LOID Claim To Fame

Ash Creek Barbie Brass
EGGS Palina *Ennobled*
2DOX/AABG Sheer Indulgence

2DOX-AABG Dynasty
7D's Daisy P22
DL T794

SGF S185
AABG NBD Crowd Pleaser
Stud Bucks AABG/LOID Vindicator
2DOX Sourcerer
TLB T333 Ripper
JRA1 Agnew's Collateral Damage
RRD Hammer Time
PARM Sir Gus *Ennobled*
SGF AABG Red Devil
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Able Acres Boer Goats

Nathan Duncan, Owner
Kim Kiger, Manager

1264 N. Mountain Rd
Wingate, IN 47994
Goats located 1 mile
West of Wingate, IN
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Gary & Sandy Duncan
Gary: (765)-366-6000
Sandy: (765)-714-4551
2095 West 650 N
Crawfordsville, IN 47933

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