This is the part where I pretend to be a journalist writing about myself so as to convince everyone reading that I didn't write it myself. This way I can make all of my egotisical opinions of myself seem credible to you the public. However, it is my nature to avoid the norm as much as possible. I refuse to start my web page off this way, I also refuse to call this my "web presence". So, here is the scoop. A few years and a few wasted thousand dollars later this is all I have to show for my computer. I have added to my graphic design portfolio (in case I ever actually use it). I also created audio and moving visual entertainment, including numerous Half-Life/Team Fortress three-dimensional maps. I have learned a lot, and best of all, made close friends from all around the world. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY INTERNET!
Below are links to my art and music.





B0K !



Damn near jerked a tear right outta me...

Why worry about personal embarrassment and humiliation now ? Most of you saw me looking like that already.