Canine Eye Registration Foundation


Eliminating Heritable Eye Disease in Purebred Dogs



What is CERF?

CERF is the Canine Eye Registration Foundation CERF was founded by a group of concerned purebred owner/breeders with a goal of eliminating heritable eye diseases in purebred dogs through registration, research, and education·


Why should I have my dog's eyes examined by an ACVO Diplomate?

Why is it important to get my dog registered with CERF?

How do I register my dog with CERF?

How does CERF gather its research data?

CERF Services



CERF headquarters also aids in helping you find the locations of the nearest ACVO Diplomates, or in answering other questions you may have concerning CERF or heritable canine eye diseases.

CERF is located at the Purdue University's School of Veterinary Medicine and is a subsidiary of the Veterinary Medical Data Base (VMDB), which compiles animal data from nearly all North American Veterinary Medical Colleges.

To register your dog with CERF or to have your canine eye health questions answered.

contact CERF at:

Purdue University
W. Lafayette, IN 47907
(317) 494-8179 (317) 494-9981 (FAX)