Maple Ridge Golden Retrievers


(Click images for larger view.)                             (All titled dogs in red print; or dog "points" in red print.)

Chance_profile.gif (31428 bytes)   Chance_sit2.gif (22993 bytes)      Pedigree:    Itz'za Major's Chance Surprise, "Chance" (OFA-Good)

Maple Ridge Golden Retrievers - Copyright 1999 / All Rights Reserved.

      Ch.Daystar's Tornado Warning (OFA-Good)
    Ch.Aylwyn's Key Largo (OFA-Good,CERF)  
      Ch.Asterling's Just Buster Loose, CD (OFA-Excellent, CERF)
  Ch.Sunkota's Electrick (OFA-Fair, CERF)    
      Ch.Beaumaris Pekay's Kilowatt (OFA)
    Ch.Asterling Lamborghini Bree (OFA,CERF)  
      Ch.Amberac's Asterling Aruba,OD (OFA)
Itz'za Drewana's Major (OFA-Good)      
      Am.Can.Ch.Cloverdale Oliver Twist (OFA)
    Ch.Meadowpond Oliver Twist (OFA-Good,CERF)  
      Ch.Thornfield Lark O'Meadowpond (OFA-Good,CERF,SAS)
  Clinton Oak Itz'za Twist O'Fate (OFA-Good, CERF)    
      Xanthos Windbreaker, CDX (OFA)
    Meadowpond Bailey's Cream II (CERF)  
      Meadowpond Autumn Mist, CDX (OFA CERF)
      BIS Ch Gold Coast Here Comes the Sun, CD,OS, SDHF (OFA)
    BIS AmCan Ch.Freedom's Celebration,OS (OFA,CERF)  
      Ch.Laurell's XPectations, OD (OFA)
  Ch.Laurell's Cause For Applause (OFA-Good, OFEL,CERF 107 mo)    
      Ch.Goldwing True Bear,OS, SDHF (OFA)
    Ch.Laurell's Scarlett O'Beara (OFA,CERF)  
      Ch.Laurell's Yats of Luck, OD (OFA)
Drewana's Peach Surprise (OFA-Good)      
      Ch.Laurell's Especial Jason, UD TD (OFA-Fair)
    Ch.Meadowpond Sugarbear Hondo, CDX (OFA)  
      Topbrass Ruffian's Heide (OFA)
  Loralyn's Drewana of Megan (OFA-Fair)    
      Ch.Meadowpond Crowd Pleaser,CDX (OFA-Good, CERF, SAS)
    Hall Tree Sunnyfield Sunny, CD (CERF)  
      Meadowpond Peachy Keen (OFA)

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