B&M Powered Chutes Inc. is your one stop shopping place for everything you will need to fly right into the sport of powered parachuting. Located just off of interstate 74 in west-central Indiana B&M is just a short drive from many locations throughout the mid-west.

With over seven years of experience B&M is qualified to offer everything from your first solo flight or introductory lesson in a two seat to advanced training to include basic flight instructor (BFI) ratings through Aero Sports Connection (ASC), we also offer sales and service after the sale.

Here at B&M we are proud to offer you the BUCKEYE line of powered parachutes. BUCKEYE has been the industry leader in powered parachutes for many years and has won many awards. Their innovations, dedication to safety and attention to details provide the customer with a quality product that is sure to provide you with years of enjoyment. The multiple engine and airframe combinations can accommodate each persons individual needs. Whether you need a comfortable single seat or a powerful liquid cooled two seat, B&M can provide you with the craft, training and service you need and deserve.

Just think after a short morning or afternoon drive to B&M and a short one and a half to two hour ground school covering such topics as powered parachute aerodynamics, operations, pre-flights, weather and FAA regulations, you can be flying solo fulfilling your dream or quest for adventure. With the use of two-way communications from your initial take off to your landing we will instruct you through every exciting phase of flying a powered parachute. The two seat lesson consist of a condensed but informative ground school and a flight with you as a passenger. With the use of an intercom system you will learn how to fly from the back seat. Your pilot/instructor will be an ASC certified Basic or Advanced Flight Instructor. Which ever way you decide to get into the air whether solo or as a passenger it will be an experience that you will not forget.

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B&M is proud to offer products from 4P visit there site for information on
 powered parachute protective equipment.

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